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Many people purchase firearms for self-defense and concealed carry. Not many have access to professional training. MTC was built to offer firearm owners a personalized approach to learning shooting skills in a professional facility with expert training.
MTC offers practical firearms training to meet the individual needs of all ability levels of shooters. The MTC Training Range offers practical training solutions to improve shooting skills and techniques with 180-degree fields of fire, moving shooters, moving targets and multi
ple props for scenario training.



Ed Marshman is the owner and primary instructor at MTC. 


A retired FBI agent, Ed spent 32 years honing his knowledge and practical application of firearms training.


He became an FBI Firearms Instructor in 1990 and was the Primary Firearms Instructor (PFI) in both the Washington, DC, and Portland, Oregon field offices. As a PFI, Ed trained local law enforcement officers, supervised other firearm instructors, and managed all administrative aspects of the firearms training program.

His Certifications Include:


FBI: Firearms Instructor, Tactical Instructor, Defensive Tactics Instructor, Master Police Instructor


National Range Officers Institute: Chief Range Officer


NRA: Range Safety Officer

US Concealed Carry Association:

Firearms Instructor


Ed was an attorney before joining the FBI, providing him a unique perspective in his training techniques. His background in law coupled with his law enforcement experience makes him uniquely qualified to instruct Concealed Carry classes. His firearms training and legal background provides both high level insight and expertise surrounding concealed carry beyond only the tactical aspect.

Each course is customized to the person and/or group being instructed. Our goal is to get our students as proficient as possible with their weapons to prevent harm, not cause it.

Ed was a SWAT Team member and Team Leader, Defensive Tactics Instructor, and Tactical Instructor.

Ed has been a competitive shooter for many years and is a United States Practical Shooting Association A-Class shooter.

Years of training and educating have taught Ed that the most important aspect of any class is safety. No matter your skill level, safety always comes first at MTC and always will.


This range is a decades-old dream come to life. MTC combines Ed's expertise in the craft with his love of shooting. And now, his daughter-in-law can shoot “just one more time” as many times as she likes...

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